Completion of the ePermits security upgrade

The ePermits website is being improved to use the most modern security for managing the online permitting process.

A security upgrade has been planned and is almost complete. As the final step in the overall plan, all users will now be required to use the ePermits SSL connection.

This means that all users will now see a lock icon or "Secure" text in the address bar, showing that their connection to ePermits is secure. See below an for example of a web browser's address bar that is using the SSL connection.

ePermits has been available over an SSL connection for some time during beta release testing. As we finalize this change, we now require all traffic to use the SSL site.

When will this change occur? We will implement the change on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. At that time, all traffic will begin using the HTTPS site.

How does this affect me? This will not affect you as a user of the site. If you make use of any old links, such as those found in an old emails or in browser bookmarks, those links will be simply and immediately redirected to the new secure (SSL) site. Other than the change in the address bar, you will not notice the difference

Can I become a beta tester? Yes, we appreciate the interest and feedback in making the ePermits system better. Please contact us at ePermitSupport@strathcona.ca.

What if I have further questions? Please contact us at ePermitSupport@strathcona.ca.